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Apples should always be compared with Apples

Another bank has recently been chastised by ASIC over its advertising.

Bankwest has agreed to change its credit card advertising in response to concerns raised by ASIC. The bank’s Breeze Mastercard was advertised as “Australia’s Cheapest Credit Card” based on an award from Money magazine. But the watchdog has said the award only compared the Bankwest product to credit cards offered by other banks.

“In fact, there were some other credit card issuers, such as credit unions, that offered cheaper credit cards,”

ASIC said. Bankwest quickly amended the advertising and contacted their clients to explain the nature of the ad’s claim.

Westpac and CBA earlier in the year came under ASIC’s focus with misleading advertising.

One of the cornerstones that I considered a must when I decided to go into business was that both Midas Home Loans and Midas Financial Planning would always operate with complete honesty and transparency. You, as our clients are our most valuable asset. That’s the reason our clients will always get the best advice relevant to them, their situation and their desires. We choose not to engage in subterfuge. There are no smoke and mirrors, preferring to extend hard work to secure Great results and a happy client base with our recommendations always based on Best Advice.

Net result = Satisfied informed client = continued Business Growth

I love win win stories. Don’t you?

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