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Something to consider

I went to the dentist recently for my annual checkup. Dr. Ridley is always interesting to chat to and this particular day he was keen to share some newly discovered ‘stats’……… We live in an area that is the nation’s highest consumer of Iced Coffee. Did you know that there is said to be the […]

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iPad Bookmarks and Other Matters.

My days are busy and I Love it that way. Sometimes though, my full days can get me into all sorts of predicaments, such as this…I was running late for my physio appointment (normal stuff) and upon entering the car, I felt and heard something that didn’t ‘feel right’. On investigation I discovered something a […]

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So, which decade is that Hun?

My gorgeous Trev, recently had his 57th Birthday. (I don’t think he’ll mind I said that.) A discussion arose with me stating that Trev was now in his 6th decade. He wouldn’t have a bar of it and doggedly persisted he was still in his 5th decade. He couldn’t get a handle on the fact […]

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