Money Matters

iPad Bookmarks and Other Matters.

My days are busy and I Love it that way. Sometimes though, my full days can get me into all sorts of predicaments, such as this…I was running late for my physio appointment (normal stuff) and upon entering the car, I felt and heard something that didn’t ‘feel right’. On investigation I discovered something a little bit more personable wasn’t quite right with my World at that very moment of time.

Picture this, I’m already late for my appointment and have now discovered lo and behold…my fine wool pants have split down the back. Nohhhhh! Bad timing AND No time to deal with it. So it’s off to see the beautiful and talented Jodi at Northcare Physio, who on being confided in, proceeded with not a shred of delicacy at all to laugh her derrière off. This was proof that “normal” stuff still happens to us busy professionals. A Financial Planner with split daks can be distracting, so straight from physio to dash home and restore some semblance of professional presentation.

My Mother in Law (Shirl) has been living with us after having fractured her pelvis late last year. Finding me home, Shirl corners me and says “Ohhhh please Marion, I’ve been trying for an hour, but I can’t open my book on the iPad”. A few clicks and Shirl’s favorite iPad book is open, ready to read, but then I couldn’t get the bookmark tab to appear (I’m still new to it as well). With that, this little old Great Granny toddles off and re emerged some minutes later with a paper book mark to use on her iPad. Shirl remains mystified that her paper book mark can’t possibly work!


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