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Welcome to Midas Money Matters.

Clients of Midas Home Loans and/or Midas Financial Planning can expect us to encourage and motivate you towards financial security with every appointment you have with us. Please check out the newly launched Midas Home Loans web site www.SITEURL We Love it. Consider subscribing to our Midas Money Matters Blog to keep in touch with Marion’s thoughts and opinions.

Today isn’t just any Thursday, but the day that marks the birth of the Midas Money Matters Blog. Does that mean we’re now in our first decade of blogging, or are we simply moving towards that? It was a Q such as this that I recently put to my Husband (and Practice Manager) Trev. His thoughts were ‘interesting’ to say the least.

The desire with the Midas Money Matters Blog is to give you information you wouldn’t necessarily be in receipt of. Debt management and wealth creation is a distracting concern for so many people and it shouldn’t be. Allow me to guide you along your journey towards financial security and we’ll seek to replace your fear with a smile. So be prepared for Fun.

The one thing that does require to be pointed out here is what the blog is not and that’s quite simply ….. It’s NOT financial advice that’s tailored to You and Your situation. For THAT one, you need to make an appointment to see either myself (Marion) or my qualified staff to get advice that’s relevant to your situation that will be strategically structured to meet your goals and objectives, then explained to you in easily understood detail.

The Midas Money Matters Blog will dispel the myths and inform you with knowledge, whilst entertaining you with some light hearted moments. If you’re already a Client, you’ll know we already regard You as family, so any little additions to your family feel free to send photos to post to our Blog.

Throughout our shared journey, we encourage your participation. Our foray into the world of Social Media is for the purpose of engaging with you as our valued Clients.

If you’re yet to engage our services and you’ve come across us in your search for someone who can assist you in your climb to financial freedom, be prepared to find Finance Professionals who genuinely care and treat you like family. You will always be accorded the utmost respect for your goals and aspirations.

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